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菲律濱許氏宗親總會沿革史略 Translate to Chinese (Simplified) PDF Print E-mail
May 12, 2009 at 05:50 PM
Where in the family tree Translate to Chinese (Simplified) PDF Print E-mail
Mar 27, 2005 at 05:29 PM
If you meet some distant relative, would you know who is older? Not in terms of age, but in the order according to your geneology tree?

I have some who are much older than I am but they have to adress me as uncle or something older. Any idea how the Chinese are able to keep track of who belongs to which generation?

Last Updated ( Mar 27, 2005 at 05:41 PM )
Apr 13, 2004 at 12:00 AM
Article by Wilson Lee Flores in the Philippine Star which mentioned the Philippine Kho Youth League

MANILA, April 13, 2004 (STAR) By Wilson Lee Flores - Many people are now being misled into thinking that the future salvation of the Philippines lies with the new president and all the other politicians we shall elect. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Entrepreneurs are the true hope of the Philippine future, not self-serving politicians who now deluge the airwaves and pollute the archipelago with their glib campaign promises. Can Entrepreneurs Be Philippine Heroes?

President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino visits hometown in Hong Jian, China Translate to Chinese (Simplified) PDF Print E-mail
Oct 21, 2002 at 12:00 AM
Picturesque Hongjian Village, with its clean streets and graceful-looking houses is located just one kilometre from Ciji Palace. This is the ancestral home of Corazon Aquino, former president of the Philippines.

More than 120 years ago, her great-grandfather Xu Yuhuan and others bid farewell to their fellow villagers and sailed across the sea to start a new life in the Philippines. Aquino's ancestral hall still stands today - an ancient-looking structure that has been converted into a primary school, where students attend classes under portraits of their forefathers.

During her visit to China in 1988, President Aquino came to Hongjian Village with her two daughters and met their kin. She dropped in on her uncle and donated money to rebuild the Xus' ancestral hall.

Today, President Aquino's portrait still graces many homes in the village.

Last Updated ( Dec 22, 2005 at 09:12 AM )
Roots of the Philippine Cojuangcos Translate to Chinese (Simplified) PDF Print E-mail
Oct 21, 2002 at 12:00 AM
The beginnings of the Cojuangco family can be traced back to Hong Chian town in TongAn province, China. Former President Corazon Aquino's great,great grandfather was the first generation of the Cojuangco clan that came to the Philippines in 1861. His name formerly, Mr. Co Yu Hwan converted to Catholicism when he came to Manila and was baptized Mr. Jose Cojuangco. He married a Filipina and stayed in Malolos. He sired two girls and one boy, Isila born in 1867, Melecio born in 1871 and Chanita born in 1876. In 1896, the whole family transferred to Tarlac after Melecio in 1894 married a Chinese mestiza 'Tiakla Chico'.They had four children. The eldest was Jose Cojuangco II, the father of the former President of the Philippines, Mrs.Aquino. The second was Wanbuji. Antonio was the third child, the father of Ramon Cojuangco, the former president of the Philippine Telephone Communications. The fourth son was Laoyiwato whose son is one of the closest friend of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. President Corazon Aquino is the 4th generation of the Cojuangco clan.
Last Updated ( Mar 24, 2005 at 07:05 PM )
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
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